abstract art, painting, limited edition prints

A few new pieces and a YouTube video.

Until today, I didn’t see why people often tell me that my work looks like astronomy. Now I finally get it…

abstract art, painting, expressionsim

Color Study # 630, acrylic on watercolor paper

A new one from The Complexity of Dreams series…

abstract art, painting, expressionism

The Complexity of Dreams # 8, acrylic on canvas

When sleep is elusive, I paint in black and white…

abstract art, painting, expressionism

Insomnia # 22, acrylic on canvas

New toys… some 12″ X 48″ canvases, a huge 8″ brush by Liquitex (Freestyle series) and beautiful transparent paints by Sennelier…

abstract art, painting, impressionism

And yes, I’m finally on YouTube

garaughty, abstract art, abstract painting

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